The vast ocean that is online dating, is everyone’s favorite. You see a ton of apps and website, sign in easily and enjoy dating &relationships. But there are certain tips and rules you must know and follow when it comes to online dating. Here are 10 of them in a nutshell.

1) Choose the site wisely: A lot of us just see a dating site and sign-up to it for some silly reason like its free or its popular. This is a bad move. First, you need to know what exactly you are looking out for and choose the app wisely as such. Your interests should be your highest priority.

2) Personal details: You should know about what to share and what to avoid. A good, personal photo of you is a must for any dating profile to work. Share your activities and interests to get suitable matches easily. But this doesn’t mean you should share all your personal data or stuff online. Be aware,stay safe and have fun.

3) Etiquettes and manners: Online etiquette is always a unique thing and still unknown to many. For online dating, the most important manners to follow are – be honest, be polite &respectful, stay away from exaggerations, no misrepresentations or fake accounts, avoid vulgarity and abuse. On a lighter note, try and be cheerful, open and go easy on it. Its just a fun app after all.

4) Be classy &elegant: Just because you follow nice manners doesn’t mean you can be content with it. Few fine tips to stay classy in the game are – do not beg or nag about stuff, personalize your greetings, figure out certain things for your own without questions and don’t play games with real people on the lookout for real relationships. Stay Cool!

5) Don’t be extreme: When it comes to online dating, keep your options open. As much as you want to look for similar interests, you shouldn’t shy away from interesting potential match options. This will add more fun to your online dating experience.

6) Less is more:This is important. Keep a thumb rule to yourself that you should wait at least for 7 days to open up to a potential match. Start with likes, pokes, messages that just convey hello and good morning. There’s nothing wrong with that. This will givemore confident and strategic approach to your dating experience.

7) Get ready for rejection: Yes, the sour thing we all hate; rejection. And its a sure thing when we are talking about online dating. Some people are way too good at it. The right attitude is to not give up, stay comfortable and try again. Well, with a new match of course (Smile). But don’t get disheartened and deactivate your account.

8) Do not settle for less: You are awesome and you know it. Then why would you settle for less? Do not even think about it. One important merit of online dating is to be free and pick the right match that matches your dreams. On a side note, don’t get too choosy either (give it a chance – its not a big deal if he doesn’t know the lyrics of your favorite song).

9) Know some tricks: Its a tough, competitive world out there and online dating is no different. Here are a few tricks that might help you with dating – have a great pic, know that Sundays are best time to spend for online dating (proven statistics), possess a charming, splendid pick up line, reply and respond soon, etc. You will learn the rest along the way.

10) Knowing the truth: And what exactly is that? Online dating is not your only option to be in a relationship. Go out, see things, meet people, take care and feel the love. You would only love people and their activities online, if you have experienced and felt those interactions in person. Even though the term is online dating, you are actually submitting yourself to a cause that involves the real you and your better half. Never forget that.

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We all have at least once tried the fun associated with online dating. Hundreds of online dating apps along with a fresh, simple experience has lured us all to try the same. The Pumpkin App is built on few fundamental features that is universally loved by the dating community. Here is a list of 5 simple yet essential and prominent features of the app that you all will cherish.

  • Real-time connections: If there is one sure thing which exceeds the number of online dating apps, it’s the number of fake profiles associated with them. Pumpkin app accepts and includes only profiles which are genuine. This means you can access real connections in real time.
  • Selfie activation: If you are wondering how we can guarantee real-time connections, it’s actually owed to the simple sign-up process. You need to take a selfie image or 5 sec video to start using the app. These images will be real with no editing or uploading involved, thus ensuring the authenticity.
  • Fast and simple process: We do respect your main requirements while using an online app; the simplicity of the app and its working pace. With a selfie start, already well-known swipe & pass process and matches getting erased every day at 05:00AM – Pumpkin offers just that.
  • Nearby connections: What’s the point of signing in from New York looking for a quick weekend date and finding that your match is in Canada. Pumpkin offers interesting people you can meet and greet nearby at a radius of 50 miles. So stay hot on that weekend plan.
  • Respect for privacy concerns: Yes, we hear you and we understand your need for privacy. Everyone needs to know they are in their best comfort zones when it comes to privacy regulations and privilege terms of a dating app. Pumpkin offers you a great experience with respect for privacy.

These are the major but not the only attractive features of the Pumpkin app. Pumpkin app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store with frequently updated versions.

What are you waiting for? Download the app for free and enjoy being yourself with dream matches you have been missing for long. Live and celebrate the Pumpkin experience.

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